The New World

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120 years ago the Tarrasque rose and wrought havoc on the Material Plane. After 10 years of this ceaseless rampage a group of great heros vanquished the Tarrasque and sent him back to the Worlds Core. Since then several groups have risen to take control of the remains of the Tarrasques wrath.

The Lands Left Over

The Sunshard

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The largest remaining land mass, christened the Sunshard due to its’ shape, came under the purview a group of formerly noble families who reinstated a version of the noble system and hew a mighty city from the mountain in the center of the continent, naming it The Sunscape. The Sunshard enjoys the greatest peace and protection. It’s nobles however are famous for their ambition and voracity. It is on the Sunshard, within the noble house of Lord Bannister Grey, that our adventure begins.

The Soulshard

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To the west of the Sunshard a separate continent, called the Soulshard, exists. This land was assaulted by demons shortly after the Tarrasques’ defeat but was saved by the Tribes of Zekhar, a collective of twenty-four tribes of elves. These tribes still reign supreme in the desert wasteland left from both Tarrasque and Demon, but since the unifying issue of the Demons they have fallen into inter-tribal warfare. However, they still boast great strength and several times have been unified for the advantage of all involved.

The Isles of Sinan

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Further to the East and South of the Sunshard lie the Isles of Sinan, a near lawless region populated by pirates and mercenaries. Here the current Pirate King, Sinan, rules with a constant state of salutary neglect toward his “subjects”. It is rare that he sends out any order, but should ever a call be made, no matter what that order be, all the pirates accept it unquestioningly. Such is their loyalty to him… or perhaps such is his power that they dare not refuse.

The Iceshard

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Far, far to the south, rising out of grey oceans is the Iceshard. A frigid wasteland populated almost purely by burrowing White Worms and Rhemoraz’s. But a few precious cities hold their own in this armageddon of ice and snow, their people stoic and strong. Here monastic and martial traditions flourish as humanity pushes itself ever futher in the hope of concurring these wild lands. Also hidden somewhere on the Iceshard lies the White Temple, considered to be the greatest place of magical learning and knowledge left in the world.

The Other Lands

Other lands are rumored to still exist. Stories are told of floating cities held aloft purely by magic. Others speak of cities beneath the waves, safe below the water and enclosed in a huge orb of air. These lands are generally dismissed as mere fable, but who is to say what is true?

Wars Of Blood