Lord Bannister Grey



AC: 19
HP: 65
STR: 15
DEX: 16
CON: 13
WIS: 10
INT: 15
CHA: 12


A pair of longswords which he calls Brutus and Cassius.


Early Life

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Born about 70 years after the defeat of the Tarrasque Bannister and his fraternal twin brother, Dorgan, were raised together in Grey Manor near the eastern coast of The Sunshard. The first decade of their lives was fairly predictable for young nobles, filled with lessons in governance, riding, fencing, and chivalry. But at age 10 a blood war between the neighboring families of Cacciato and Grey broke out putting both the boys lives in danger. Bannisters father, Lord Dorian, decided to send both Bannister and Dorgan away to separate locations so that even if Cacciato discovered one of the boys the other might survive. For the sake of safety Dorian chose to send the boys places with many armed and able men to protect them. Bannister was sent to a den of rangers who owed Dorian for the use of his waterways; Dorgan was sent a coven of monks who held a small library filled with books that dated from before the Tarrasque. Little did Dorian suspect that these temporary accommodations would turn into a decade long hideaway which would transform young Bannister.

Amongst the Rangers

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Bannister quickly learned that the life he had been living at Grey Manor was not to be expected in the wild. He would follow the rangers in their daily tasks and would try to help when he could. After a year passed and the blood war showed no signs of letting up the rangers decided it might be worth it to the young noble a few skills which he could use to aid them. Over the next four years they trained the young Bannister and he accepted anything they would teach him. Hunting, fishing, skinning, archery, trap-making, and new forms of fencing all entered his young mind as he trained with those around him. But after five years the blood war had wound down and Lord Dorian had decided to call his sons back to him. Bannister received the call and sent a message back to his father, informing him that he had no intention of returning the Grey Manor until his training was complete. Dorian decided to take matters into his own hands and sent two scores of troops to retrieve his heir. When the troops arrived the rangers had left and Bannister was nowhere to be found.

On The Run

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Bannisters decision the move with the rangers was not made lightly and he was not at all surprised when shortly thereafter his father put up a reward for his sons safe return. The rangers convinced Bannister to grow out his hair and beard to disguise himself and took it a step further by using natural dyes to turn Bannisters naturally Black hair to locks of silver-blond. For the next five years Bannister traveled with the rangers sending sporadic reports to his father to let him know that he was still alive and well. On the run Bannisters training advanced at breakneck pace and soon he was considered to be one of the most valuable members of the group of den.
Bannister followed the den all over the Sunshard. From East to West and back again many times climbing over the Marbled Mountains. But one day, about five years after Bannister had chosen to run instead of returning to a life of privilege, Bannister received word that his brother, Dorgan, was getting married. Bannister took this as a sign to return home and support his brother. He packed his belongings, and on his last day with them, took the ranger oath of the den he had become a part of and swore to maintain secrecy on all of their tactics and information.

Returning To Grey Manor

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“Did you think mere chains could hold me?
That four walls could deny me my brothers company?”
-Bannister Grey to his father, Dorian Grey
Bannisters return to Grey manor could hardly be called ideal. His father had him clapped in irons the second he entered the grounds and chastised him for disobeying him, even going so far as to prepare a Traitors’ Brand before Dorgan talked his father out of this course of action. But despite Bannisters apology and Dorgans pleading Dorian refused to permit Bannister to attend Dorgans wedding. The night before the wedding the whole of the manor was awoken by a blood curdling scream emanating from the dungeon. Immediately guards and servants headed for the dungeon and were shocked to find Dorian Grey, visibly shaken and pale, with his back to the cast-iron door to the dungeon. Dorian ordered that the door be guarded night and day but under no circumstances was anyone to open the door until after the wedding the following evening. When questioned on the status of his son Dorian would only reply with the adage, “All light creates shadows.” That evening the wedding progressed as planned but a pall hung over the festivities. Everyone could feel something uneasy in the air and the effect was only exacerbated by the pale and twitching form of Lord Dorian. The only people who seemed at ease were the nuptial pair of Dorgan Grey and his soon to be wife Ophilia. The ceremony itself went quite smoothly and the newly married couple along with several hundred relieved guests moved to several giant tents for the dinner. No sooner was the assembly seated when there was a call for toasts for the newly weds. Lord Grey rose to his feet, but before he could speak a word a tall, broad figure dressed in a dark green hooded cloak and masterwork leather garments rose and began to speak. The mysterious man raised his glass in honor to the couple and wished them both great joy and happiness. Then he spoke of the power of blood, of how kinship ties people together in a way that cannot be exaggerated of how loyalty to and acceptance of family comes first in all things. Finally, in an act of utter grandeur the man threw back his hood to expose the handsome and weathered features of Bannister Grey. He turned and looked at his father, uttered a few biting words of reproach then turned back to his brother and sister-in-law and raised his glass to them before sitting down. Dorian Grey chose not to speak and instead sat back down, Dorgan stated how thankful his was for everyone’s presence, specifically his brothers, and Bannister didn’t say a word for the rest of the evening. The festivities concluded later that night and everyone went back to their places of origin save for Bannister. He did not return to the cell but was instead granted his old room with Grey Manor. From here he restarted his role as Lord-in-Waiting.

Lord Bannister Grey

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