The Sunshard

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Born from the desolation of the Tarrasque the Sunshard is the largest land mass left to the Material Plane. The Sunshard is north of The Empty Sea and is a rough oval shape of land about 2000 miles from its eastern coast to western shores, and 1000 miles from north to south. The Sunshard is a generally temperate continent though it does have some variation. The continent contains a large array of landscapes from rolling plains in its south-west to a thick girth of mountains which straddle its center and the freezing cold of its far north. The Sunshard is entirely self-sufficient and can supply the people who live upon it with plenty of food and shelter. However there are dangers associated with this land mass, most notable are the hidden strongholds of power buried by the Tarrasque’s rampage which wait only for a naive simpleton or power-hungry wanderer to unearth their abilities.

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The Sunshard is run in a modified system of the nobility who controlled the world before the Tarrasques’ rampage. They are based out of a city carved from the Marbled Mountains and called the Sunscape. Within the golden halls of the Sunscape there is an oscillating system of houses where, from out of over a hundred families, between eight and sixteen heads of house are chosen based on political, military, and economic power to serve as elector counts. The men of the elector council (no female noble has ever sat on the council) are chosen whenever the current ruler, known as the Sun Monarch, dies thus creating a need for a new monarch. The noble houses of the Sunscape then decide based on a weighted voting system who is chosen for the next council.

The Sunshard

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